For You, Nature

I saw how earth guided the river away from the human’s apocalyptic pollution,
And how it tried to protect it from both sides tending to its pain until it reached the ocean,
I heard the river speaking with the earth about its birth, childhood, and future,
An intimate relationship based on the caring eyes each one received from the other,
The sky now listened to their dreams about colourful trees where both can become one,
And so, it formed clouds pouring rain so pure to dilute the poisoned river,
Yet, the acidic air only foretold a story of reopening many scarred wounds,
The sky, devastated by the sound of agony, spread its wings to blow fiercely winds,
To hasten the arrival of a meeting where one’s wounds would become its freedom,
I imagined them departing for they have walked quite the distance into a bright horizon,
You can see, my dear reader, how nature has stared directly into humanity's eyes,
Only to show the romantic passion it possesses, and yet, our eyes were blindfolded,
Attracted towards the fumes and blades that would cut them down to chemical hazards.

Tuesday, 26th of May 2015