For Friends in Sydney

Australia is really really far now that I think about it,
And Time today tasted different than few years back,
Walk on! Walk on and use a limb to grab a dream,
And speak to yourselves about a whole new world,
Where poverty’s grave is dug deep below Earth,
Where humans have time to share their wounds,
For some reason I cannot see it happening today,
Not when money engulfed the minds of geniuses,
Not when the oppressed were forever silenced,
And definitely not when people took a blind eye.

I do not know whether this should be emotional,
Or whether it should be about pain and conflict,
As I look at humanity should I be more optimistic?
I have made my first impression with you years ago,
It will be reinforced or changed with this poem,
And I might have not gone to places I should have,
And I might have gone to places I should not have,
But I hope you cherish the moments we did share,
Though in time, a day as ancient as today will arrive,
At our lives’ doorsteps and force its way through,
And if I ever see you once more after fifty years,
Then I might tell you one more thing about me!
For now, I preserved you in these poetic lines.

Thursday, 10th of October 2013