Souls to Cure

The wolf cries towards the advancing monsoon,
You saw his mystical and formless silhouette,
Saddened by speechless dawns and sunsets,
Howling endlessly for a believer's approach,
Finding a cursed contour of a leafless tree,
Digging its roots through the glowing graves,
Igniting little fragments of a yearned soul,
Generating diamonds held in a safety vault.

Saturday, 22nd of May 2010


Dead or Alive?

What have I done? And damned this mentality,
Back then, a hell's curse poured out of my hands,
I promised to drop her off at the nearest park,
Father is wonderful or that is what she thought,
Until I excavated my entire soul and buried hers',
Crying silently with a faint but noticeable smile,
Rubbing the grains of sand off my chin and nose,
While hers I add and add and add and add and,
She never rose and screamed for a passerby's help,
But accepted her fate and this short life of hers,
What have I done? And damned this mentality,
I now grieve the day I erased her from this life,
It matters not if these cursed hands burn in hell,
I cannot bring her back to life to smile once more,
Replenishing my soul with the book of guidance,
Re-establishing the state of my mind and soul,
Seeking grace and mercy from the only One,
Guide me, love me, and forgive all of my sins.

Thursday, 13th of May 2010


A Cry From Hell

Written by Candle of Hope, 17-07-2003
Website: http://candle-of-hope.com/

A cry from hell woke me up at night,
Something gripped my heart so tight,
The cry of whom which I don't know,
Piercing through my ears so painfully and slow,
I thought it was satan or some demon,
Or a person who was filled with evilness and treason,
Here again, the cry could be heard,
It shut everyone up even the humming bird,
The cry from hell seemed like a hopeless cry,
Maybe it was a demon just passing by,
The cry from hell called out my name,
At that moment I knew that it was no game,
It scared me a lot in some way,
So I wore my hijab and started to pray,
The cry from hell started to fade away,
I started to observe my sins since that day.


Gone to Return

Deep within my pulsating crimson restful flesh,
I mourned the day I lost track of a dear entity,
Differences poisoning the mind with a shut gob,
But a believer of the One, the Most Merciful,
Not a close relative but a very precious brother,
Emotionless did he become as if a soulless object,
Crucial thoughts wonder in the middle of nowhere,
Mirage oases to follow ignoring the nutritious forest,
Diving into confusions of the chaotic black abyss,
Soon to forget the hanging rope and my existence,
Returning to Earth under the seven heavens above,
With a greeting from the unsolved puzzled face,
Writing within my pulsating crimson restful flesh.

Sunday, 2nd of May 2010