A Philosophical Reply

Originality for a new poem
Is like the ignited fire of a candle,
Where the eyes reproduce
Melodies for the mind to paint,
Where the world bows its
Glorious beauty for calligraphy,
And then it extinguishes
Through a full stop at the end,
Never expanded beyond
What it was meant to convey,
Just enough for the ears
To read the drums of the heart,
And there she requests
A new poem full of originality,
Something I have never
Thought of ever reproducing,
A new trend to show
My talent like a shooting star,
Her wish to cease this
Boring philosophical prologue,
And to start the attempt
At the dedicated original poem,
There will come a day
Where such a poem might exist,
But not today for I have
Lost in a romantic translation.

Tuesday, 12th of May 2015