Bu Thyab it is!!

Welcome to my blog! This is not my first time publishing my writings, ideas, and thoughts in an online platform; however, this time it is going to be solely about poetry.

It is time to introduce myself. I am just a young man from the lands of Arabia living in a place called Dubai, and currently, I am studying abroad. I write in both Arabic and English, and as for 'BuThyab' it is just a pen name that I used back in the days, and so it stayed until today.

My journey in poetry began in year 7 (12 years old), which consisted of rhythmic but meaningless lines to form a poem. Year 7 was the first turning point as I changed schools with completely different systems - from an American system school to a more intricate and participative British system. The result was the love of reading and consequently the expansion of English vocabulary. The next turning point was in year 10-11 as we critically analysed copious poems in English GCSE classes. The last and most effective turning point was during first year at the university as my poetry was shaped to what it is now.

I called this blog 'heart controller' since the heart is the centre of the human being, and if a person can control it, then he/she can control his/her brain and the rest of the body, but if it decomposes, then the entire body would decompose, too.

Well, I will leave you now, and I hope you will enjoy your stay reading bits and pieces of my journey in life through poetry!