A Rainbow Being

Do the stars ever glitter for a shooting moment,
Or do they do it out of their own beautiful nature?
Let your ears twinkle as they listen to a storyteller,
About a young passionate ready-to-be journalist,
A heart whose beat beats in rhythmic elegance,
Not for a selfish accidental snap of a finger,
Rather an earthly hug to encompass us all,
Sit around a campfire and listen to her whispers,
Benevolence for a tent to keep you sheltered,
Hike into the wildest forests to grow trees,
And as the moon bestows its glorious light,
We listen to poetic melodies behind bricks,
And as we applaud loudly for another day,
A shooting star creates this rainbow being.

Friday, 31st of July 2015


A Dazzling Moment Captured

The eyes tickle and trickle a sight of beauty,
Elegance in the shadow of her dark lashes,
And his blink is only a fingertip’s distance,
A muscular room, working out for a tickle,
And trickle are their feelings crossing paths,
A musical with romantic choreography,
Her exquisite dress, vivid colours of royalty,
His eyes dazzled at hers’ beyond compare.

Thursday, 30th of July 2015


Estrellas en el Verano

Mira, tan brillante, la Estrella,
Un corazón que late, amarilla
Como un verano maravilloso,
Me busca tu cuerpo hermoso,
Revelando que te quiero.

Miércoles, 29 de julio de 2015


Lost in Translation

To a being who is currently lost in translation,
Try to breathe a lungful of a passionate emotion,
Have a long walk into the waves of friendships,
Accept them into many eases and hardships,
Water your naked tongue for a fruitful season,
Collect hugs and kisses for an obvious reason,
Imitate a dance ritual for the yearned discovery,
So that you can begin your absolute recovery.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a need to be still,
To avoid many created bonds reducing to nil,
A week of immense rainy and stormy silence,
Concentrating on ancient scrolls for a balance,
Yet, symbolic stars will start to envelope you,
Lost in translation with many codes to accrue,
Deciphering your smiles and a beautiful stare,
And to me you are truly a being beyond compare.

Monday, 27th of July 2015


Lady L

Have you ever disagreed on a person?
Imagine the lips dyed in vermilion,
Sheltering a delicate soul elegantly,
As if a cute dog that barks horridly
At everyone, but once you approach
With a hug, or even just a kind smile,
Then she becomes a being meant
To live in the angelic heavens above,
Cold days turn into many dark nights,
Except when calling out for her,
Rescuing an ancient young heart,
Bullies his witty philosophical mind,
Only to let him crash on the floor laughing.

Saturday, 25th of July 2015


Life’s a Play

Curtains: wake up friends and foes
For the eternal heavenly light
Bestowed its vibrant sacred
Face onto a full moon,
Stars are giggling,
Night is fading,
Sky is singing,
Wind is dancing,
Sun is awaiting,
Moon is touring,
An infamous album,
A portrait: a crescent
In dimness, in brightness
Its fullness: the eternal light
Is just at a heartbeat’s length
From the rebirth of earth’s stage,
A cosmological orchestra on fingertips.

Thursday, 23rd of July 2015


Tap a String

Tap a string,
The string of life,
Connect with me,
A nature’s aura,
And accept others,
To smile at life,
At earth and sky,
At the melodic harp,
The whisper of strings,
To reach our lips,
For a gentle bite,
A youthful harmony,
From a golden harp,
A sign of life,
Of a heavenly friend,
And a distant lover,
Tap, tap, tap-a-tap,
Tap a string,
The string of life.

Wednesday, 15th of July 2015


End of Exams

To Wednesday, April twenty ninth,
Seems like an immeasurable length,
Freedom from time and mind,
Hearts to soar high and find,
One another, left and right,
Life becoming extremely light,
In the West of the land,
In a lovely island so grand,
To you I say:
Thanks a million.

Saturday, 25th of April 2015


Crumbling Heart

Why is it so hard to ignore the heart
That trembles when I see her eyes?
What form of language must I forget
To create a speech void of emotions?
Who should I meet to distract me
From her smiles that melts mine?
Where did my mind go leaving my
Body in a fated passionate turmoil?
When will I ever create a distance
So long that the bonds fade away?
How am I going to control a heart
That was always hers’ to begin with?
Am I going to remember this verse
Even after years have gone by?

Sunday, 22nd of June 2015


Message Sent

Tap into my beating heart
To ripple a loving song
Sent through many rings
Of waves, in waves,
Waves after waves,
Infinitely devoting a reply
To your delicate fingers
That taps into my beating heart.

Swing your arms around the wind,
And let it carry you far away,
Swim beside the flying birds,
Swerve your curves,
Into an elegant stance,
A dancing reply,
To be carried by the very arms
That swing around the wind.

Thursday, 09th of July 2015


Will of the Kings

Will the kings ever rise above a cumulonimbus cloud
And speak some sense to the sky that covers their land?
Or has the knowledge been removed from the crowd
To teach us that once upon a time we were a grain of sand?

Will the kings ever meet the commoners for a cup of tea
And become an image of true nobility that does not decay?
Or has nobility formed soldiers to mix blood with the sea
To teach a supposedly sick society how to humbly betray?

Will the kings ever show their true loving fatherly face
And form a pact with us who hold them so dearly?
Or have they started fearing our knowledge and race
To never teach us our own magnificent history so clearly?

Sunday, 05th of July 2015