Are You Lost?

What happens if you ever get lost?
And you do not have a soul to share,
No one to hold and nowhere to go,
But your sacrifices made seem none,
Because time nullified it even more,
Even then with patience you deviate,
And even then you get lost yet again,
You may believe in second chances,
But even then they have gone away,
You may believe people will forgive,
And yet you are scared to come out,
Scared to even chat to the beloved,
Candle of hope did not last forever,
But then comes a very kind person,
Who overlooks your pale lost face,
And denies anything and everything
That might be said about your soul,
The person wants to share smiles,
Wants to forever live and love you,
The person hopes for a new start,
Where you will blossom and shine,
The faith in you is extremely strong,
Thus, you will never ever get lost!

Monday, 26th of August 2013


A Round World

It is a bright night here in Sydney,
But somewhere Sun’s still shining,
Maybe dawn opening a new page,
Or a sunset closing its eyes on us,
Thus, Earth is not flat any longer,
Two nine two zero days gone by,
Still I see peculiar faces looking,
At its ancient warmth go beyond,
Miracle, indeed, even for a moon,
There was once a man who lit-up a candle,
There was once a man who brought us peace!

Saturday, 17th of August 2013



Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Wooden clock tick-tocks!
One two one two, I do not but I do,
Three four three four, don’t wonder anymore,
Five six five six, good and evil can’t mix,
Seven eight seven eight, I stopped my fate,
Nine ten nine ten, can’t find many men,
Eleven twelve eleven twelve, many books on that shelve!
Thirteen fourteen thirteen fourteen, do you get what I mean?
Fifteen sixteen fifteen sixteen, down down I have been,
Seventeen seventeen, that’s the age I have seen,
Eighteen eighteen, family and friends were keen,
Nineteen nineteen, last chance for a teen,
Twenty twenty, can’t live without a fee,
Twenty-one twenty-two, knowledge I have to accrue,
Twenty-three twenty-four – are the beginning of my fall,
Twenty-five twenty-six, building breaks all bricks,
And I know you are here, on this earth very sincere,
What you fail to see – is me living and just be,
So you see so you see, I never existed – never be!
Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Wooden clock tick-tocks!

Saturday, 17th of August 2013



I could not stop myself from noticing,
An elegant figure resembling a human,
Standing on a dock all alone focussing,
Onto a hostile place not fit for a man.

As ripples disturb the glows of the sea,
Neon illuminates the waves of his hair,
As I walk into flowers I stop at this tree,
Until the man turns and meets my stare.

Although this night awaits a full moon,
The gentleman invites me with a smile,
She sat with us then she left, so soon?!
I can recall us walking down the aisle.

“Farewell, old elegant figure of a man,
Farewell to take my sacred vows to her,
Farewell and hold on tight to Al-Qur’an,
Farewell only to return clearing the blur”.

Monday, 12th of August 2013