One Life

The sun did definitely rise,
But never did it set within,
An inner sense of loss begins,
As I speak to this chilly wind,
Letters to those willed to live.

Thursday, 11th of December 2014


Your Presence in Me

I created a gracious banner to march under,
Into the foreign lands of ____ wilderness,
And as I stepped into architectural hostels
Interior design enveloped the human kind.

A candle at the centre of a massive room
Lit the gloomy and inhabited ____ walls,
Where two travellers sat and a storyteller,
A great new cult was soon to be revealed.

Special student rate stays at the ______’s,
Only seven days’ worth of dear memories,
Thus, I never lost the feeling of belonging,
Yearning for the warmth of its inhabitants.

Settled on the eleventh calm ______ night,
Three months passed, like that night, quick,
Keeping hold of certain threads of connection,
Only to realise that few will soon forever depart.

Wednesday, 10th of December 2014


In The Life We Live In

O weather! O weather! Wherefore art thou crying?
A friend! A friend! Gone away traveling,
A wound! A wound! The body left diminishing,
For life! For life! Kids sit alone praying,
A song! A song! In the name of justice devoting,
My soul! My soul! Against all enemies surviving,
For peace! For peace! In a ritual performing,
A dream! A dream! Get strong and keep protecting.

Thursday, 25th of December 2014