A Pacifist

O philosophers! O realists! O builders! O destroyers!
Ask the ancient Earth how humans became survivors,
It will not speak but a performance of a shocking play
That continuously never stopped for millions of years,
Starting with a brownish grey seed to form a green stem,
From which perfectly shaped leaves and small buds
That would bloom into gorgeous flowers, but listen,
My friend, the Earth is still acting on that enormous stage,
Specific points on the branches would start to thicken,
And a form of a bud will start to grow into a pomegranate,
An imperfectly delicious fruit from shades of red and yellow,
A scene or maybe a chapter out of an enormous novel,
But here you are standing on this ancient crust of Earth
To mutter words of gunshots so that you win a debate,
And since I am but a humble pacifist, I accept my fate
Of becoming an actor within Earth in this shocking play.

Monday, 11th of May 2015