A Poetic Friend

Do not read lines of love
That I inherited to girls,
Deceived by deep caverns
Of a disbelieving heart,
And you might have
Foreseen my intentions,
An unrivalled immense
Feelings for a short time,
Only then have you heard
To never trust romance,
Or maybe misheard a tale
About the shimmering star,
Nights of vivid stories
Merged with silent cries,
And captivating poems
Heard with distant eyes,
For you and I have many
Things in common,
Commonly things that we
Have purposely ignored,
Bored even when the
Night was ever-so young,
And we sit down and
We wait for our moment,
A symbolic act that blooms
Into cherry blossom trees,
A poet to be able to say
Many things in short lines,
Summer shines the sun
Through the clouds,
Removing clouds of doubt
Cleaving a diamond,
Its glorious figure sparkling
Chosen out of a bookshelf,
A scene so surreal that we
Become poetic friends,
Your simple complexity and
My complex simplicity,
We fast forward to our dreams
And rewind our memories back.

Saturday, 09th of May 2015