Despised in Admiration

Elegance is a form of a walk,
Should always be associated
With, I would say, arrogance,
Indeed, only few would be
Part of the upper loyal class,
And it all starts from a walk,
It is a must in this sick society,
To distinguish us from them,
For I will never make a turn
If they are leeching around,
Never should filth be mixed
With any aristocratic human.

A piece of art written beside
A grave that is very similar
To the grave lying next to it,
How ironic will it be if both
Repelled each other’s scent,
And chose to walk a path
Of agony in a diseased era,
Only to realise that death
Not only did it not do them
Part, but also kissed fate
On its cheeks removing all
Forms of human elegance.

Tuesday, 23rd of June 2015



She sits in a big diner,
Red roses on the walls,
She orders something,
Ah yes, a cold milkshake,
Crushed with strawberries,
Crimson for a colour,
From a unique plant,
It is said that it got that
Particular colour from
A sacred blood of a
Prince drenching the
Soil of a blessed forest,
And today’s special
Will be hers’ alone!

Tuesday, 23rd of June 2015


Life with You

The time slows as we rise through a nimbus cloud
Into the heavens we sing an adorable ode aloud,
And as you shine like a sun and as I your reflection,
And as we show the world how to live in affection,
We swim freely in a universal love we share together,
We draw a smile. We hold hands. We dance forever,
Then you show me a wonder of your greatest form,
So magical that I hold you tight, our skins so warm,
And with a slight twinkle from a not-so-distant star,
I gaze into your eyes thinking how dear to me you are.

Monday, 22nd of June 2015


With Love, Bedroom Window

You see into my heart every evening,
And I try to get closer,
To show my feeling for you,
To be transparent,
To be the only thing that your eyes
Looks at when you enter my room,
Do you know how many times
Have you touched me?
I do for I feel closer now than ever,
And now I have the courage to
Write this letter for our hearts to merge,
But I do hesitate,
For a valid reason,
Remember when I said that
You see into my heart?
I fear that you’re actually daydreaming,
Not appreciating my existence,
Instead, you gaze into the beautiful
Moon and think of someone else,
But I write this confession,
A piece of my heart on paper
For yours to know, accept, and return.

With Love,
Bedroom Window

Thursday, 18th of June 2015


Car Boot Sale

Imagine the wilderness arrived
Suddenly at your car boot sale,
How big of a space will she rent?
Will she pay in our green notes?
Or sacrifice her green leaves?
What would she bring to sell?
Will she bring empty cans of,
I don’t know, beer and soda?
With many useless plastic bags?
Will she bring animal corpses?
Suffocated in polluted waters?
In fumed air? In poisoned plants?
Will she create potions for couples,
Not only to love, but to care and
Adore her own natural beauty?
Will she bring postcards sent
From neighbouring wildernesses
To form an excruciating poem?

Thursday, 18th of June 2015


Take Me

Take me to live on a surreal landscape
Carved with beauty on an oil canvas,
Take me to a colourful orchestral song
Where the organs numbed in wonder,
Take me to mammals and flying birds,
Cold-blooded reptiles and amphibians,
Take me to the space filled in vacuum,
Glamorous stars twinkle in constellation,
Take me to a place beyond the universe,
Beyond the dark and beyond lightness,
Take me now to somewhere very close,
Closer than your arms, eyes, and heart,
Take me on a very long unique journey,
Or short, shorter than your lips to mine,
Take me today, tomorrow, and forever,
Whenever you decide to go, take me!

Saturday, 13th of June 2015


Who is the Criminal?

“You arrive to confiscate my heart,
You tie it around the streetlights
With a thick rope as if on a leash,
My heart? Leashed? Why o’ why?”

Prince and princess on her night,
A dazzling wedding full of flowers.

“Blooming lilies hanging by your
Neck, while mine rope becomes
Even tighter, unable to breathe,
Unable to express any emotion.”

Princess pulls the rope to drag
The prince on the floor enslaved.

“On my wedding night treated
As a worthless flesh, and her
Eyes watch in great pleasure,
While mine are dried in fear.”

Prince and princess on his night,
Preparing the bed is completed.

“I might be in a circus, a clown,
Where she laughs hysterically,
Claps chaotically while the rope
Gets tighter for the last time.”

Princess unties the rope and
Spits fire on the dead rapist.

Thursday, 11th of June 2015



For the eyes to wonder in a book,
And a chef teaches how to cook,
Will we ever find a treasure piece?
And forever live in a world of peace?

For the eyes to explore another page
About warlords and a wizard's rage,
Such is the comparison of today's time,
Rhythmic beats lost in an epic rhyme.

For the eyes to listen in deafening silence,
Rediscovering nature's magical essence,
To let an apartment block in a major city
Is to follow a materialistic life in self-pity.

For the eyes to create a majestic drawing,
And voices of birds merge into a painting,
Juggling fateful footsteps as it sings,
Spreading those royal angelic wings.

For the eyes to tell amazing stories
About a wise man in his mid-forties,
Who lost his soul and a bit of his mind,
And wrote this book about mankind.

Tuesday, 16th of June 2015


No Editing

If I’m not allowed to edit a piece
Then I would never be able to speak
Logical symbols with infinite formation
Dissociating within a line and then
Picked up like a flower one by one
To create a deleted memory
And if not for editing and a bit of
Pause my assembled thoughts would
Devour the sanity of many minds
And produce something like this.

Saturday, 13th of June 2015


Dear River

What is your name? We call you River,
But I know that my mother called me,
So what did yours call you as a kid?
What do you call this land you live on?
Wait a minute! How old are you?
You must be ancient, oh if that’s so,
Then who have we inherited this
Brilliant view? So fresh, so beautiful,
Who came before them? You know
The history more than anyone, yeah?
Have you written it down? Do you
Write anything? Do you have an
Archive about everything? Do you
Converse with the land? With the
Swans or the fishes? Have you tried
To reach to us? Send us a message?
To one of us? If you have, what did
You say? Have you hidden anything
Within your surreal waters? Do you
Have a secret? Because I know I have!

Friday, 12th of June 2015


National Park

Tell me of a reason where trees would voluntarily extend their arms towards the sky,
Tell me of a reason where men needed to devour ancient canopies for a piece of land,
Tell me of a reason where bricks needed to reach an air that nurtures birds and deer,
Tell me of a reason where symbols needed to be carved selfishly for a poetic memory,
Tell me for I have lost count on the amount of modern cities built on ancient ashes.

Friday, 12th of June 2015


Romeo and Juliet

You arrive to confiscate my heart,
You tie it around the streetlights,
You use a thick rope as if on leash,
My heart? On leash? Confiscated?
Who am I to you and you to me?

A prince for the gorgeous princess,
On her exotic floral wedding night.

Your soul and the lilies hanging by
Your neck – while mine the rope
Gets even tighter, unable to breath,
Unable to express any feelings,
You pull the rope and I’m dragged.

The princess watches in a VIP seat,
Enjoying a scene in a theatrical show.

You put me in a circus, and you
Make me into a clown, laughing
Hysterically, clapping chaotically,
The rope gets tighter, and your
Eyes keep watching the suffering.

The princess enslaved the prince
Into darkness to welcome death.

Thursday, 11th of June 2015


Worthless Being

They're listening behind bars
That they themselves created,
And he is no different than the
Likes of those disgusting men,
Never will you see me smile
Again on his face or theirs,
So refrain from inviting him
To our intellectual gatherings,
He has shown neither heads
Nor tails without that smirk,
As if he knows everything
About the world or even me,
An arrogant creep that will
Continue to belittle my gems,
And as I rise above mountains
To deliver a peaceful message,
I observe many who hug me
In a great emotional friendship,
While the likes of him will be
Void of any tiny notice, always.

Wednesday, 10th of June 2015


Strange World

We live in a very strange world,
The poor walks miles to eat food,
The rich walks miles to burn food,
The two cross on this wide road,
One hitchhikes and one drives by,
Both notice each other’s presence,
Both start to wish for a transfer,
Tiredness into effortless luxury,
Complexity into old simplicity,
They think for few more seconds,
Kilometres keeps them apart,
One takes an old rusty truck,
One clicks his gadget for a call.

Wednesday, 03rd of June 2015



Disintegrate for I have judged a piece of
Meat not even worthy of mentioning,
Disintegrate for all bonds have been sliced
Beyond repair revealing a sooty flesh,
Disintegrate for maggots have been allowed
To swarm a loathsome rotten mind,
Disintegrate for the time of a peaceful
Chat has switched to fumed smokes,
Disintegrate for the harshness in my
Voice have snapped into lethal pikes,
Disintegrate for the desert has sworn
To protect the footprints I produced,
Disintegrate for earth has witnessed
Days of mountainous lies and arrogance,
Disintegrate today, tomorrow, and
Forever for I can't stand your presence,
Disintegrate for the twenty-five-year-old
Bond has just been severely disintegrated.

Wednesday, 03rd of June 2015


To Men Who Work Under the Sun

Day twenty-four of this challenge,
A job where I do not need to speak,
Where I can form linguistic shapes
Using only my smile and few limbs
Oh! There is a client parking nearby,
I can imagine his old dirty vehicle
Miraculously turned into a luxurious
Car with my own wand I call hands,
Indeed, my limbs redefined nature,
They showed the world a magical
Aura which begins from these steps:
Right hand sign waving for a wash,
Teeth as bright as the white moon,
The backbone up straight. Confident.
I walk looking directly at the client,
Wipes and brushes I carry along,
The driver exits and looks at me
Behind those glaring sunglasses,
He doesn’t smile turning his back,
Disappointment creeps into me,
He turns and says: “you clean?”
I nod eagerly for the few coins,
This poetic work means everything,
“How much?” and I only sign ten,
“Okay, thirty minutes?” I nod,
Off he goes and off I go, him to
Shopping and I to washing dust,
A substance that produced us,
Then, paths we chose and now
Without any word I earned a ten,
And as time flies he returns,
Carrying two huge colourful bags,
And now he looks at me smiling,
He opens his wallet and pays,
And I sign him a ‘thank you’.

Amazing how different people
Communicate, some with coins,
Some by words, or even tongue,
While others use their own limbs,
Day twenty-four: done! Thank you!

Tuesday, 02nd of June 2015