Chocolate Girl

I soared over many cities,
Neither hunting nor protecting,
Just observing the humankind.

My eyes touched many,
To meet and to remember,
Yet, only few pierced my mind.

A filter created by the conscious,
To mould creatures out of clay,
Detailed sculptures designed.

She overlooks my interest in her,
I then ignore her presence for a while,
Our eyes smiling, acting as if blind.

Not a detective in profession,
But sensing natural connections,
So, I keep flying over her kind.

A metalwork on her royal neck,
Antique curves to resemble a bird,
Golden ages when it was mined.

Her foreign gaze now boring,
I overlook the city and move on,
Her figure fading, never to be shined.

An abrupt ending, reader, I know,
And so be it for I have sadly found:
To move forward, many are left behind.

The mind of humankind was designed to be blind,
A kind to be mined for a show shined leaving all behind.

Friday, 22nd of May 2015