The Moon and its Light

A lonely eye stalking the blue-surfaced water,
Anonymous, yet, most of its traits are known,
The origin displays its glorious power onto it,
Arising in darkest hours exposing this emblem.

Utter silence heard upon its luminous white lid,
Disclosing the secretly survived moving entities,
Doubtful queries raised for such random claims,
Ghastly substances soar without troubling the eye.

Tolerant drifters misplaced in vast wavy prisms,
Gazing at the lid as it performs its sacred rituals,
Tranquillity emerged blessing tribal silhouettes,
Placing directions in the souls of mindful hearts.

Thursday, 22nd of October 2009


Gathering Data

He woke up from this drown,
Opened the grey wall to eat,
Wrote with watch and flesh,
But, the fire withdraws again,
And to me he decided to jump,
Once again drowned in the bed,
… I guess!

He woke up from this hazard,
With shoes off and sand to hear,
Rain to thunder as him to knot,
Ran on the fish drinking grass,
Smelt roads as he read the light,
No more, to his brain, he gave up,
… I guess!

Thursday, 15th of October 2009