Losing Identity

Walking amidst standing vivid trees falling gloomy leaves,
Reaching the murky waters whispering sacred symbols,
Weary yet carrying debts and caring for none but few,
Frequent flyers gaze on this new naked rotten part of bark,
Dancing rigorously dislocating arms and a star’s trickery,
Our leaves and yours; fascinated yet lost in black mazes,
A foot there and another drinking on thirsty tombs,
I stood on hills calling for listeners of identity retrievers,
Odd I might be, but a person with mind, body and soul,
And a tongue forged within the ancient blessed trees,
A lost item inside copious plants decorating the mud,
Still whispering hallowed codes frowning at fancy twinkles,
Thieves soaring over mausoleums borrowing wild leaves,
Never to return as a born leaf but a putrid grassy thief,
Forgotten Earth Whisperers die of poverty and hunger,
I keep touching them for remembrance; annual festivity,
If only Earth Whisperers were inhaled by those thieves,
If only the hill I am standing on was but a soulless monster,
Driving the persistent mirages out of the diseased eyes,
There I built a connecting bond between this tree and that,
Abseiling, jumping, and climbing for years turning antique,
But seizing the solid cable as I return to Hope of Whisperers,
Patience acquired whilst dwelling on barks of tall trees,
Pitying the falling leaves turning into stars of the mud,
Still whispering ancient symbols and to you I murmur “...”.

Friday, 14th of January 2011



Step one – step two – block then attack,
Step three – step four – and then launch,
Step five– *RING RING* just hold a bit,
Continue training with the same routine.

“Hello! Yes? Yes, it is me. Aha, okay. When?
N-now? Aha, b-but– not a problem! Ba-bye!”

Climbing up the ladder is what I have done,
Stood on this long, narrow cliff and waiting,
Cheers and claps from the audience I hear,
Nerve-racking indeed, yet a compulsory step,
Step-step-step-jump-grab and swing; finally,
Swing... swing... swing-release-catch-swing,
Swing... swing... swing-release–

“Hello! Yes, speaking! What do you want?
I know, I just spoke to him! Yes, okay! Bye”

Climbing up the foremast just before sunset,
Heading west; eyes longing for a night’s birth,
G-golden-orange sparks the bowsprit brilliantly,
There! The universe’s soul is s-... s-... singing,
Still as a rock, but a heart’s pound is irresistible,
Cheers and shouts from the crew is what I hear,
And now to fly low on the ground with the sun,
Climbing up the mizzenmast just before sunrise,
Setting the sails, untying the ropes, yawning,
Waiting for the birth of a new day, a new hope,
Tick... tock... tick... tock... tick–

“Hi buddy! Yep, I just called! I just wanted to–
Pardon me? Oh, alright, no worries. Okay bye!”

Climbing up the ladder patiently and still climbing,
With long-shorts and goggles ready for a high dive,
Hand-leg-climb-hand-leg-climb and there I reach,
Walk-breathe-walk-breathe-walk-stop and wait,
Deep breath and looking ahead with loud cheers,
Concentrating on the types of turns and twists,
Picturing every movement in my nervous head,
Deep breath... one-two–

Sunday, 09th of January 2011