Heroes of the Past

Our ancient heroes are long dead but still remembered,
They carved history by showing us what real men are,
And thus we want to create them into a fierce friend,
But soon -so soon I can’t- with others being replaced,
Maggots squirm at rotten meats amid notes of dinar,
In front of the devout true words spoken to pretend,
While Time has exposed them the colours of despair,
Abyss for homes and in darkness they forever stare,
The mirage destroyed their pathetic souls beyond repair.

First and foremost our amazing messenger Mohammad,
      Lord of the lords showing him heavy powerful Word,
      Sacrificing everything for the sake of Allah’s religion,
      Against his uncles, his tribe, his people, and his town,
      Leaving everything behind migrating to AlMadeenah,
      His words and actions are incomparable to any man,
      He was sent by Allah as a mercy to every living thing,
      If only “Mohammad”s today copied his pious being,
And acted on two things he left us: qur’an and sunnah.

Every companion and persons of the salaf appreciated
      That Abu Bakr comes second and then third is Omar,
      My love to them becomes more intense every day,
      For what I read in their biography: our true leaders,
      Spreading peace, justice and the true faith of Allah,
      I shall proudly name my children after them both,
      Such that they follow their footsteps in correcting
      Wrongful actions of the Muslims today worldwide,
To teach “Abu Bakr”s and “Omar”s today the true Islam.

Let me now speak to you all about Khaled bin AlWaleed,
How he became a hero his name resonating all Time,
No battle lost, all won, except death came in his bed,
Offering his life to spread justice, help those in need,
While “Khaled”s today live a life of deception, crime,
Sins weighing mountains, unjust and hate to spread,
I am not a Khaled but a Huthaifa roaring in his place,
Flying over clouds to find innocent souls to embrace,
His spirit gone but soon to be found somewhere in space.

It is the time for the heroic tales of Abdullah bin Yaseen,
A scholar understanding the Qur’an like those in past,
Sent to Mauritania and there he sacrificed all his life,
Two: Qur’an and Hadeeth nothing comes in between,
Six years of hard work few became many at long last,
They appreciated the essence of faith nullifying strife,
Islam is perfect, Islam is complete, it is forever peace,
Our “Abdulla”s today are tattooed hatred to release,
And “Yaseen”s are drug dealers euphoria to never cease.

Did you hear loud roars of Hamzah bin AbdelMottaleb?
Lion of Allah protecting the prophet against pagans,
If this did occur today then all shall be shaken silent,
And our people will definitely feel their ribs crushed,
As their minds flash crimes committed by their organs,
Thus, their grandchildren became wicked and violent,
Hamzah’s soul is sure alive with the Lord; contrast to
The souls of “Hamzah”s today living as filthy lost rats,
We mourn our heroes and to them we follow and bellow.

Tuesday, 10th of December 2013


For Friends in Sydney

Australia is really really far now that I think about it,
And Time today tasted different than few years back,
Walk on! Walk on and use a limb to grab a dream,
And speak to yourselves about a whole new world,
Where poverty’s grave is dug deep below Earth,
Where humans have time to share their wounds,
For some reason I cannot see it happening today,
Not when money engulfed the minds of geniuses,
Not when the oppressed were forever silenced,
And definitely not when people took a blind eye.

I do not know whether this should be emotional,
Or whether it should be about pain and conflict,
As I look at humanity should I be more optimistic?
I have made my first impression with you years ago,
It will be reinforced or changed with this poem,
And I might have not gone to places I should have,
And I might have gone to places I should not have,
But I hope you cherish the moments we did share,
Though in time, a day as ancient as today will arrive,
At our lives’ doorsteps and force its way through,
And if I ever see you once more after fifty years,
Then I might tell you one more thing about me!
For now, I preserved you in these poetic lines.

Thursday, 10th of October 2013


The Story That Meant Nothing Until

He grabbed me shaking badly,
She gazed down tears pouring,
Their daughter is somewhere,
But she may even be nowhere,
Hugging was never our norm,
I warmed his hands with mine,
As I left for the train to take me,
Destination is here and there,
Indefinite and maybe nowhere,
I am going to keep searching:
For the book that was her last,
For the writer who kept writing,
For the ashes of burnt letters,
This train will come to an end,
There is a reason why I stayed,
Not for the police nor the drunk,
But fate has shown my legs
A path full of magical miracles,
And here I am in front of you,
The clock-tower is behind us,
You can hear its lovely chime,
Yet, no one can hear your pain,
Dissolved in the vicious wind,
As your fingerprint is erased,
It is time for you to disappear,
Your story is clearly the best,
As it ended with infinite silence,
And that is how mine changed.

Monday, 23rd of September 2013


Do You Have a Gold Coin?

Is it from the human nature to cluster?
To form boundaries and flags as identity?
To house their offspring in epic suburbs?
To separate themselves from others?
Have I read a mistranslated dictionary?
Or has the meaning of 'human' changed?
What if we try to flip the coin to its tails?
Will we see another 'human' resemblance?
Or will we choose a word out of a thesaurus?
'Soul' and 'mortal' stated as a synonym?
Why have I understood it wrong then?
If mortality was part of this big equation,
Then should we not save lives instead?
Or has this coin betrayed what 'life' is?
Will this coin lead us to infinite power?
If so, then who or what everlasted?
What if this coin fell down the sewers?
What if a child picked it up and cleaned it?
Will this child be corrupted forever?
Or will this coin be cleansed from its past?
Or will another child kill him to grab it?
What are the reasons to invade a country?
What are the reasons to kill another soul?
If this child was raised to defend himself
By protecting his own land or even if this
Child went on others' lands to fend off
The risk of his only home being invaded,
Then will the coin come to corrupt his
Already-corrupted innocent young soul?
What if his response was to deny its presence,
Then would the coin leave or annihilate?
The trick question is: "who has the coin?"

Wednesday, 4th of September 2013


End of Days

They think I forgot my history,
They think I forgot my future,
But they forgot I had a pen to write everything.

They were under eighty banners,
They were one million soldiers,
All ammunition swapped for swords and arrows.

I gave them a chance for peace,
I made promises – they rejected,
So I will emerge from the depths of this world.

I will fight with them a common foe,
I will fight against them for four days,
And the final result is the long awaiting victory.

This language is not mine to speak,
But its meaning is all what it is for,
And this is a reminder that my eternal life is near.

Saturday, 29th of June 2013


Are You Lost?

What happens if you ever get lost?
And you do not have a soul to share,
No one to hold and nowhere to go,
But your sacrifices made seem none,
Because time nullified it even more,
Even then with patience you deviate,
And even then you get lost yet again,
You may believe in second chances,
But even then they have gone away,
You may believe people will forgive,
And yet you are scared to come out,
Scared to even chat to the beloved,
Candle of hope did not last forever,
But then comes a very kind person,
Who overlooks your pale lost face,
And denies anything and everything
That might be said about your soul,
The person wants to share smiles,
Wants to forever live and love you,
The person hopes for a new start,
Where you will blossom and shine,
The faith in you is extremely strong,
Thus, you will never ever get lost!

Monday, 26th of August 2013


A Round World

It is a bright night here in Sydney,
But somewhere Sun’s still shining,
Maybe dawn opening a new page,
Or a sunset closing its eyes on us,
Thus, Earth is not flat any longer,
Two nine two zero days gone by,
Still I see peculiar faces looking,
At its ancient warmth go beyond,
Miracle, indeed, even for a moon,
There was once a man who lit-up a candle,
There was once a man who brought us peace!

Saturday, 17th of August 2013



Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Wooden clock tick-tocks!
One two one two, I do not but I do,
Three four three four, don’t wonder anymore,
Five six five six, good and evil can’t mix,
Seven eight seven eight, I stopped my fate,
Nine ten nine ten, can’t find many men,
Eleven twelve eleven twelve, many books on that shelve!
Thirteen fourteen thirteen fourteen, do you get what I mean?
Fifteen sixteen fifteen sixteen, down down I have been,
Seventeen seventeen, that’s the age I have seen,
Eighteen eighteen, family and friends were keen,
Nineteen nineteen, last chance for a teen,
Twenty twenty, can’t live without a fee,
Twenty-one twenty-two, knowledge I have to accrue,
Twenty-three twenty-four – are the beginning of my fall,
Twenty-five twenty-six, building breaks all bricks,
And I know you are here, on this earth very sincere,
What you fail to see – is me living and just be,
So you see so you see, I never existed – never be!
Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Wooden clock tick-tocks!

Saturday, 17th of August 2013