Frozen Flesh

N-no, stay, why, stop it, oh stop it, s-stop weeping,
I feel cold, I am so afraid, I cannot, oh I cannot cry,
Nor can I shiver and remove these hazy emotions,
Alone in the dark with mud's the only companion,
No, my doings, the good and the bad, all of them,
I lie still, still as a statue, pausing, I am still alive,
Hearing the people's footsteps leaving me behind,
I am alive, but I need to catch a deep last breath.

Waiting, waiting, and w-

Frozen flesh

N-no, not yet, I am not, no, please I am not ready,
He is taking me, guys, come back, don- leave me,
I am gone, but give me a second, back, back I want,
It hurts, n-no, I mean y-yes, I am gone yet a-alive,
This is the proof, why, take it, that is the evidence,
Nooo! Stop talking, stop it, yes I did, but because-,
Guys, look at me, touch my flesh, hear my screams,
If only you knew, still, what would you have done?

Thursday, 28th of October 2010