Three Birds With One Stone

A kid

Crying since that monster took my toy,
I want it back to continue the sad play,
Soldiers dying losing their plastic legs,
But I cannot continue without my toy,
Blurry vision from tears, falling down.

Crying ever more calling sadly for 'help',
No one to reply then I walk to a corner,
Mr. Lonely is ever alone easily bullied,
None to care or grasp my hand and hug,
I silently shed tears in my little corner.

An adult

It has been over thirty odd years now,
And I have accomplished this and that,
With your side by mine my dear love,
Although I ceased expressing it to you,
For I became overwhelmed by sadness.

I became what you would call 'rusted',
Hence, I am ineligible to be with you,
I am in no need for worthless trophies,
Nor worn-out ink-stamped certificates,
For a sadistic figure did grasp my soul.

An elderly

Under a century and still breathing air,
Rather fascinating to see myself gripe,
Although when listening to those two,
I might perhaps seem a decade younger,
Yet, I am still the product of this world.

No soul to bear my near-expired corpse,
As I shuffle into my bed in the coldness,
Sadness is a routine part of my nights,
That should be entirely fine, little boys,
For now I am a wrinkled little old man.

Thursday, 26th of November 2009


"Suicide Me"

I was walking along the ocean,
Observing the happy people around,
As they pass I deceive them with my smile,
Since they are unaware of my past, present or future.

I took a glance at the shark-filled sea,
A person just threw herself off the edge of a cliff,
Not knowing what would become of her I followed her steps,
My existing soul is about to be set free from a world full of unkindness.

The sharks can have me,
They can reveal the true self of mine,
My blood will be dispersed creating my biography,
Displayed in infamous exhibitions of selfish living artists.

The soulless cops arrived to seal the suicidal edge,
She left this life as I stand alone on this cliff,
At last finding an extremely sharp blade,
My neck is huge; very hard to slice,
My wrist is smaller; easier to slit,
Now I can understand myself,
The blood pouring out talks,
I cannot feel my fingers,
I cannot hear a noise,
I cannot … see.

Saturday, 21st of November 2009


The Eyes Cry

Entering your darker than black cave,
Spotting six infinitely hollow barriers,
Enclosing to change into a sacred grave,
Slicing it exposing emotional carriers.

Arriving at your two fluid-filled wells,
Digging their roots sharing it with you,
Revealing awful stories each one tells,
Emptying them, but more from the two.

Pearly glitters sensitively warm drops,
Cooling the hot golden-sand beaches,
Reaching the deep valley and stops,
Wishing loss of memory as it preaches.

This cave is briefly gone but to return,
Haunting you once more for a year,
Pay no heed to it and from it learn,
Recall, the others to you are sincere.

Wednesday, 18th of November 2009


Corrupted Humanity

I was once a very young innocent caterpillar,
But quickly forced to evolve into a butterfly,
Kidnapped by an anonymous shifty shadow,
Smiling with open arms as if my awaited uncle,
"They are so busy"; family just leaving me?

I met a new very young soundless yellow bird,
Soon to become a soulless puzzled wanderer,
Left from home due to an old drunken mother,
Taken by the same arms, yet not his uncle,
"He is helping you"; father is rescuing me?

I met a cat and a dog, identical twins I presume,
Shortly went for adoption sold for few silver coins,
Divorced single mother was too late for abortion,
So-called uncle grasping this golden opportunity,
"She doesn't care"; mother just forgetting us?

We were once very young innocent children,
Before long exposed to the corrupted humanity,
It was not our mistake; it was not our decision,
Mother, father, uncle, family, none to bear us,
Using this final line to ask the reason for this.

Wednesday, 16th of September 2009