A Lethal Fog

So future, what have you been up to?
Who will I meet and what will I do?
What sort of precious life will I reside?
Will I be taken away from it due to pride?
Or survive my last years in a small hide?
Or enjoy surreal sceneries found worldwide?
How many times should I repeat them?
However, rarely do you not condemn!

But at least answer these vital questions:
Would I leave good or bad impressions?
Would I be able to save peoples' lives?
Inviting them to dinner, until it arrives.

I guess you were never created to answer,
Even to those who have a deadly cancer,
Enduring its burden for nine long years,
Or nine days filled with endless tears.

It sure does take a person by surprise,
It is death, a lethal fog living in disguise.


To The Letter S

As I shuffled onto my bed I felt her presence,
I closed my eyes calmly as if to pretence,
Cat-walking elegantly with her long naked feet,
Our bewildered eyes were meant to meet,
The intensified mood smoothed as she cried,
I moved aside allowing her to lie by my side,
Shifting closer to my face gazing in wonder,
Feeling her heart reviving after being torn asunder,
Stroking my cheeks whispering in my right ear,
"Missing your caressing since your disappear,
"Be easy on yourself as you seem really worn out,
"This is me returning the favour, so do not shout".
Strolling along with her tail, meowing; very showy,
Pure white fur as if from snow; she's my Snowy.



This body I am carrying is tired,
A disease has affected my mind,
It is this that changed my approach,
What would I utter but sick words?!
Producing such awful consequences.

This body I am carrying is tired.

I wished from before as I do now,
My expressions would not be altered,
Yet, if you have heard me the other day,
Is that a person talking or a crazy fellow?
Patience has its effects, patience that I lacked.

A disease has affected my mind.

Before such an incident happened,
Missing each other after a long year,
An utmost joy, soon to be concealed,
Behind the bars of loss and mistakes,
No feelings, if such a phrase exists.

It is this that changed my approach.

A conversation I had with a friend,
Wanting to do the same with another,
Shouldn't this be easier than before?
Or does my mouth have a different taste?
Misused taste producing dreadful smell!

What would I utter but sick words?!

Speaking of morals, principles and ideals,
Soon to be refuted by self-contradictions,
Or were they used for the sake of argument,
Or the mind has come back to its senses,
It was about a person, and a person I very dear.

Producing such awful consequences.