Hanging Humanity

They hanged me in the middle of the camp,
Rope tied tight to the neck of a knight,
Supposed to be dead but I did not die,
Soldiers kept shouting ‘Die! Die! Die!’
They wanted to kill me but they could not,
I wanted them to kill me but I could not,
Voices of peace came as sharp as my sight,
Strengthening this heart and my windpipe,
I ordered people to discuss not to fight,
I shook hands to make the gap closer,
I sheltered people’s lands into my light,
I opened my mind to open your closed one,
I even skipped a heartbeat just to reach you,
But here I am sentenced as a war criminal,
Hanging the hanged head of humanity’s hope – sigh –
– Last breath –

Sunday, 19th of October 2014


An Open Book

You came into my life with a royal exquisite desire,
Wanting to elude me into the volcanic eruptions,
And you never cease with your continuous thorns,
As if a deafening rusty motor on an endless fuel,
Feeding the empty fireplace with heat to produce
A magnificent emotional formula; but only to –
Wound my delicate young heart and to interfere
With my mind emitting voices of iced immaturity,
And yet, I listen attentively to the vast collection
Of stories, of senseless memories, of aching cries.
These passionate calligraphy weighing this paper
Down are but a chance for you to understand me,
To open your adorable mesmerising brown eyes,
To move the curiosity within your delicate fingers
As they keep striding on my ticklish feet leisurely
Moving towards my knees and my concrete legs.

Friday, 17th of October 2014


Reality: Shadows Surrounding Humanity

I have stopped dreaming about the dilapidating person,
And began to open the vital eyes of the forlorn reality,
Yet, if you observe the time’s dimension in milliseconds
Then you would realise the existence of dark shadows,
Lurking to fish ancient chaste villages for Today’s Special,
Headlines switching from the wasteland to the desert,
As if a show screening for the mindless masses of meat,
No sense of life!
And copious shadows still hunt puppets out of souls.

I have stopped dreaming about the pristine person
As I observed the wilderness in the city of Deer AlZoor,
Smiles did flourish in the small villages along the river,
Until the putrid puppets placed their powerful hands
On the soon-to-disappear persons of joy and glory,
The puppet’s contaminated minds removing all hope,
A move towards ethnic cleansing was just the start,
No sense of life!
And the shadows plan on barricading the city of Dar’a.

Friday, 19th of September 2014

Edited on Sunday, 28th of September 2014


Dream: Phenomenon in the Desert

Last night I dreamt of a curious person,

Observing experiments on living creatures,
Reporting results, taking a break, stretching,
Walking alone on the desolate sand dunes.
In the dream I saw the silence of time,
Poisonous gas dispersed, village massacred,
Nomadic chants thrown into an ancient abyss,
No sense of life!

And no shadow could reveal except souls in dreams.

Thursday, 18th of  September 2014


Dream: Panic in the Woods

Last night I dreamt of a pale person,

Sweating, running away hysterically,
There was some sort of smoke behind,
Vague but hazardous shadows lurking.
In the dream I saw his torn clothes,
And the rush of blood of a fresh wound,
Collapsed on the earth of this woodland,
No sense of life!

And the shadows retreated in utmost joy.

Thursday, 18th of September 2014


Dream: Innocence in the Wilderness

Last night I dreamt of a pristine person,
Covered in newly-polished shiny armour,
Marching alone into the wilderness of era,
Sword sheathed unready for the monsoon.
In the dream I felt his naïve young soul,
Spoiled brat competing for a lady’s hand,
An unknown figure stormed into his neck,
No sense of life!

And the shadow disappeared into thin air.

Thursday, 18th of September 2014


Dream: Vagrant in the Wasteland

Last night I dreamt of a dilapidated person,
Who only travelled by foot since ancient times,
He kept walking gazing somewhere straight,
Somewhere where his foot will never stop.
In the dream I saw him crossing a wasteland,
Blazing dusty winds blew on an unknown era,
Cracked earth, distorted barks, a rocky crag,
No sense of life!

And the moving shade kept breathing ever-so-slightly.

Wednesday, 17th of September 2014


Trials and Tribulations

I pondered upon the other gender,
Their mind: different than ours,
And their heart: different too!
Yet, when listening about the best:
Asya, Maryam, Aisha, and Fatema,
We are told more than differences,
Letters from Qur’an and Sunnah
Unite to produce peaceful articles
About worshipping Allah alone
Without any associates producing
Inner peace and total tranquillity.

Today, however, I have seen many
Copy the great appearances that
The best of women wore like the
Niqab, and yet, their inner pearl
Darkened and produced wild
Storms full of electrostatic forces
That will always affect the others
In numerous social gatherings;
Unfortunately, those have not
Yet understood Islam in its full
And simple message that the
Prophet Mohammad, Peace,
Blessings, and Prayers be upon
Him, preached day and night.
“And we have not sent you
But a mercy to all mankind”.

And I say this one more time,
Islam is what we have received
From the Qur’an, Sunnah and
The companions, and what we
See, hear today are but Muslims
Following their own desires,
Following verses whiles others
They ignore and reject; except
Few whom Allah has blessed.

So, there is only one choice you
Have in this entire world with
All of its different dimensions,
Including the finite time that
Turns into dust in a matter of
Seconds without a moment
To turn back: colourless death,
A disease without any cure,
No medicine for prevention,
No surgery for intervention,
No mother to return her son,
No father to return his wife,
On the death bed, a skeleton!

Memory created,
Sand buried,
Name written,
Time erased,
Soul unknown,
Peacefulness not recorded!

Sunday, 6th of July 2014