Chocolate Girl

I soared over many cities,
Neither hunting nor protecting,
Just observing the humankind.

My eyes touched many,
To meet and to remember,
Yet, only few pierced my mind.

A filter created by the conscious,
To mould creatures out of clay,
Detailed sculptures designed.

She overlooks my interest in her,
I then ignore her presence for a while,
Our eyes smiling, acting as if blind.

Not a detective in profession,
But sensing natural connections,
So, I keep flying over her kind.

A metalwork on her royal neck,
Antique curves to resemble a bird,
Golden ages when it was mined.

Her foreign gaze now boring,
I overlook the city and move on,
Her figure fading, never to be shined.

An abrupt ending, reader, I know,
And so be it for I have sadly found:
To move forward, many are left behind.

The mind of humankind was designed to be blind,
A kind to be mined for a show shined leaving all behind.

Friday, 22nd of May 2015


Drawn Away

As I look into the human mind,
I see a lonesome pulsating nerve,
Enslaved for another to serve,
And wishes to never become blind,
I see him possess a little hope,
But bullied to bury a loving heart,
And to imitate a work of art,
And get back to being tied in a rope,
I see him a faceless portrait,
And the pulse is lost beyond reach,
A story to tell many kids to teach,
I quit and draw my self-portrait.

Tuesday, 19th of May 2015


Feeling Down

Is it not natural for humans to cry?
Then why am I holding back in pride?
What is there to mask or even lie?
From whom am I attempting to hide?
Will my whispers ever be able to say hi?
Am I really feeling a heavy gloomy tide?
Is my soul almost ready to forever die?
And leave behind useless inks dried?
To whom shall I weep and say goodbye?
Who will walk over my grave after I died?
On the deathbed, how will I lie?
Curled up? On my back? Or my side?
Will you, reader, be there to dry
The voices of tears? And guide
The people through the heavenly sky?
So that everybody stays by my side?
O reader, you may, one day, ask “why?
Why have you not lived and tried
To recreate a peaceful world? Or fly
Towards the sun on a unicorn you ride?”
O reader, you are a really innocent guy,
So forget your dreams, put them aside,
Because, to you, I will never deny
The peace that was forever denied.

Sunday, 17th of May 2015