Wounds and Dreams (collaborative work)

Written in collaboration with Sean McNulty, Elias Attia, and Nour Abouzeid.

Genetically I'm from Ireland,
Physically from UK,
Spiritually from Syria,
Gastronomically from Pakistan.
I was raised with the sounds of
Arabic chanting and Quranic recitation,
I was moved by it and moved others,
I enjoy silence and deep contemplative
thoughts away from the noise of this world.
Deep valleys, volcanoes,
A place where experience and passion combined,
Where winter chills were as sunkissed as summer breezes,
Where the moon shined in all its glory,
Where it was most dark,
A safe place that we can no longer return to.
To leave this place two options are there,
A darker than black abyss,
Or a brighter than light heavens,
Something the DNAs wish to be answered,
Something only the traveller's grave will reveal,
There where I will go next, there where I will go.

Sunday, 7th of October 2012