Remember Yesterday!

Have I ever wondered around here as a little kid?
Walking, jumping, or would you call that skipping?
There was sand – quite a lot, as a matter-of-fact,
Mixed with gravels, though I was not there alone!

Who was I with at that warm humid sunny noon?
Was I there to play or– what on earth was I doing?
I cannot recall this long palm tree with fallen dates,
Or that tent, which, in my opinion, looks ancient!

It must be a school trip or something, was it now?
But, why can I remember the vast amount of sand?
Wait, I was holding something extremely valuable,
Some sort of fancy inscription: the bottled letter!

Thursday, 21st of July 2011


To Her

Her dazzling brown eyes darted onto the unwelcomed fashion,
Pureness from life, a diamond, a pearl, a glistening entity so rare,
A cute girl, a majestic lady, a surreal angel, an Earth Whisperer,
And I am her loyal servant, her guardian, her powerful shield.

Fashions for the ill-minded too daft to read and show respect,
They and her clash for a moment or two to explain and submit,
Baffled yet aware of their mistakes bow to her royalty in shame,
I, an observer behind sunglasses, in agreement with her soul.

Indeed, the world tests us by estranging our people, our minds,
And greatness has multiple faces with distinct consequences,
Thus, meeting a deserted entity fighting for loathsome fashion,
A battle to come. No wins. No losses. But a plain defiant sign.

She, on the other hand, speaks honestly from heart to reach,
Advice given with no cost to the lost, confused or even well,
To her, I have engraved my thoughts, my words, my poem,
In hope of finding others to serve, guard, shield as I do to her.

Wednesday, 20th of July 2011