Day 20 of Mission 43

It is a night like this that the elders feared,
Look at the glowing moon how blue it is,
And a subtle wind with a bloody odour,
Lost weapons, armours, both mine and his.

We are born fibbers and fearless hunters,
Though, tonight is not ours to speak falsely,
And albeit he is lazing alone against the rock,
His body so tense and agitated immensely.

Tomorrow we wait for the calm breeze,
And bid farewell to this old black forest,
Only to return and continue our mission,
Assassinating him and his sons we arrest.

Thursday, 20th of October 2011


Searching for You

Trickling rain and thunderous lightning,

Whispering wind and rustling leaves,
Concealed moon and dark forests,
Murky night and black creatures.

Damp soil and central campfire,
Upright tents and crackling sticks,
Breathing deep and silent tears,
Seven men and eighth inscribing.

Weary brain and ashen heart,
Painful chest and burning eyes,
Calloused feet and quivering hands,
Empty hugs and forlorn kisses.

O’ wind O’ wind convey my words,
O’ echo O’ echo tell us how far we go,
O’ wife, O’ love, O’ pure lady,
O’ where my wife? Where are you?

Saturday, 08th of October 2011