Who is the Criminal?

“You arrive to confiscate my heart,
You tie it around the streetlights
With a thick rope as if on a leash,
My heart? Leashed? Why o’ why?”

Prince and princess on her night,
A dazzling wedding full of flowers.

“Blooming lilies hanging by your
Neck, while mine rope becomes
Even tighter, unable to breathe,
Unable to express any emotion.”

Princess pulls the rope to drag
The prince on the floor enslaved.

“On my wedding night treated
As a worthless flesh, and her
Eyes watch in great pleasure,
While mine are dried in fear.”

Prince and princess on his night,
Preparing the bed is completed.

“I might be in a circus, a clown,
Where she laughs hysterically,
Claps chaotically while the rope
Gets tighter for the last time.”

Princess unties the rope and
Spits fire on the dead rapist.

Thursday, 11th of June 2015