To Men Who Work Under the Sun

Day twenty-four of this challenge,
A job where I do not need to speak,
Where I can form linguistic shapes
Using only my smile and few limbs
Oh! There is a client parking nearby,
I can imagine his old dirty vehicle
Miraculously turned into a luxurious
Car with my own wand I call hands,
Indeed, my limbs redefined nature,
They showed the world a magical
Aura which begins from these steps:
Right hand sign waving for a wash,
Teeth as bright as the white moon,
The backbone up straight. Confident.
I walk looking directly at the client,
Wipes and brushes I carry along,
The driver exits and looks at me
Behind those glaring sunglasses,
He doesn’t smile turning his back,
Disappointment creeps into me,
He turns and says: “you clean?”
I nod eagerly for the few coins,
This poetic work means everything,
“How much?” and I only sign ten,
“Okay, thirty minutes?” I nod,
Off he goes and off I go, him to
Shopping and I to washing dust,
A substance that produced us,
Then, paths we chose and now
Without any word I earned a ten,
And as time flies he returns,
Carrying two huge colourful bags,
And now he looks at me smiling,
He opens his wallet and pays,
And I sign him a ‘thank you’.

Amazing how different people
Communicate, some with coins,
Some by words, or even tongue,
While others use their own limbs,
Day twenty-four: done! Thank you!

Tuesday, 02nd of June 2015