Disintegrate for I have judged a piece of
Meat not even worthy of mentioning,
Disintegrate for all bonds have been sliced
Beyond repair revealing a sooty flesh,
Disintegrate for maggots have been allowed
To swarm a loathsome rotten mind,
Disintegrate for the time of a peaceful
Chat has switched to fumed smokes,
Disintegrate for the harshness in my
Voice have snapped into lethal pikes,
Disintegrate for the desert has sworn
To protect the footprints I produced,
Disintegrate for earth has witnessed
Days of mountainous lies and arrogance,
Disintegrate today, tomorrow, and
Forever for I can't stand your presence,
Disintegrate for the twenty-five-year-old
Bond has just been severely disintegrated.

Wednesday, 03rd of June 2015