Romeo and Juliet

You arrive to confiscate my heart,
You tie it around the streetlights,
You use a thick rope as if on leash,
My heart? On leash? Confiscated?
Who am I to you and you to me?

A prince for the gorgeous princess,
On her exotic floral wedding night.

Your soul and the lilies hanging by
Your neck – while mine the rope
Gets even tighter, unable to breath,
Unable to express any feelings,
You pull the rope and I’m dragged.

The princess watches in a VIP seat,
Enjoying a scene in a theatrical show.

You put me in a circus, and you
Make me into a clown, laughing
Hysterically, clapping chaotically,
The rope gets tighter, and your
Eyes keep watching the suffering.

The princess enslaved the prince
Into darkness to welcome death.

Thursday, 11th of June 2015