The Forbidden Forest

I went into the forbidden forest,
No canopy to protect its soil,
A mass grave of ashen leaves,
I walk alone on layers of soot,
No wind to accompany me,
A journey of lonesome drifts,
Yet, the branches moved
As if ancient limbs of
An enormous skeleton,
But not just one –
An army from the forgotten era,
Never mentioned in history books,
Not even in legendary tales,
Dread filtered through my eyes,
Hysterical thoughts devoid of actions,
I stood for an uncounted length of time,
Gazing at an empty sky,
Nothing seemed to be alive,
Yet, the branches moved
As if the moon casted magical spells
On naked trees for reincarnation,
Though, neither did they approach,
Nor did any bark retreat,
Except, the greasy soot
Feeding itself into the bones,
Darkening its core,
Evolving its nature,
Deluding its innocence,
Engulfing its purity,
Then I fell to the ground,
Drained from all energy,
An entire scene paused,
Yet, the branches moved
As though trying to close my eyes,
Indeed, a bit of rest is in need,
So, let the moon cast its light
Onto my broken little soul,
Sleeping on this mass grave,
Then waking up to no noise,
Everything seemed to be in place,
Or so I hoped, until
A thick fog invaded my lungs,
Coughing then standing,
Disoriented as I was,
I saw no evidence of skeletons,
Visibility was next to nil,
Soon to realise the science of
Decomposition from soot-covered soil,
A force greater than gravitational pull
Allowed me to get ready for a deathly ritual,
The fog lifted at once,
And I, alone in this forsaken forest,
Believe that death will arrive
From within my own self,
Yet, the branches moved

Saturday, 07th of March 2015