Simply Imperfect

Girls who cover their inner portrait
By immersing their delicate beings
Into layers of masked foundation
For the sole purpose of perfecting
An imperfect adorable human skin
Are extremely excruciatingly boring,
So much so that the incompleteness
Of the girl sitting next to her attracts
The very eyes that sees her yawn
Out of exhaustion in a short meeting
Allowing a being with an inner humour
To laugh at the delicacy of the matter,
Ladies who are listening to mannerism
With an interest in many poetic beings
Should understand that what attracts
The opposite gender is total purity
Extracted from an imperfect human
To perfect the emotional surge in us,
Having illustrated my point of interest to
Let passionate hearts out of their cages
Riding on tongues to deliver messages
Of romanticism is the poet’s desire
To warn to never trust a poet’s love
For we are imperfect beings, too.

Sunday, 08th of March 2015