A Touch of Death

Tell me something –
Something different –
Different to what you just said!

Tell me that I will live –
Live longer than few months –
Months into years with those I dearly love.

Tell me to seek advice –
Advice from another doctor –
Doctor who might have a different opinion.

Tell me that these words –
Words desperately seeking hope –
Hope to find some sort of painless cure.

Tell me to stop –
Stop thinking about the disease –
The disease that tears my body from within.

Tell me to forever go away –
Away from all of those around me –
Me that is suffocating their oxygen away from their lungs.

If you cannot tell me anything,
If you are going to sit in total silence,
Then let my eyes cry, my mouth dry,
My ears block, my mind numb, my limbs fit,
Let the rigidness of my tired face
Illuminate my heart just a little bit more,
For I will reach total cure by being in total silence.

Monday, 02nd of March 2015