Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Wooden clock tick-tocks!
One two one two, I do not but I do,
Three four three four, don’t wonder anymore,
Five six five six, good and evil can’t mix,
Seven eight seven eight, I stopped my fate,
Nine ten nine ten, can’t find many men,
Eleven twelve eleven twelve, many books on that shelve!
Thirteen fourteen thirteen fourteen, do you get what I mean?
Fifteen sixteen fifteen sixteen, down down I have been,
Seventeen seventeen, that’s the age I have seen,
Eighteen eighteen, family and friends were keen,
Nineteen nineteen, last chance for a teen,
Twenty twenty, can’t live without a fee,
Twenty-one twenty-two, knowledge I have to accrue,
Twenty-three twenty-four – are the beginning of my fall,
Twenty-five twenty-six, building breaks all bricks,
And I know you are here, on this earth very sincere,
What you fail to see – is me living and just be,
So you see so you see, I never existed – never be!
Tick-tock! Tick-tock! Wooden clock tick-tocks!

Saturday, 17th of August 2013