Are You Lost?

What happens if you ever get lost?
And you do not have a soul to share,
No one to hold and nowhere to go,
But your sacrifices made seem none,
Because time nullified it even more,
Even then with patience you deviate,
And even then you get lost yet again,
You may believe in second chances,
But even then they have gone away,
You may believe people will forgive,
And yet you are scared to come out,
Scared to even chat to the beloved,
Candle of hope did not last forever,
But then comes a very kind person,
Who overlooks your pale lost face,
And denies anything and everything
That might be said about your soul,
The person wants to share smiles,
Wants to forever live and love you,
The person hopes for a new start,
Where you will blossom and shine,
The faith in you is extremely strong,
Thus, you will never ever get lost!

Monday, 26th of August 2013