Dead or Alive?

What have I done? And damned this mentality,
Back then, a hell's curse poured out of my hands,
I promised to drop her off at the nearest park,
Father is wonderful or that is what she thought,
Until I excavated my entire soul and buried hers',
Crying silently with a faint but noticeable smile,
Rubbing the grains of sand off my chin and nose,
While hers I add and add and add and add and,
She never rose and screamed for a passerby's help,
But accepted her fate and this short life of hers,
What have I done? And damned this mentality,
I now grieve the day I erased her from this life,
It matters not if these cursed hands burn in hell,
I cannot bring her back to life to smile once more,
Replenishing my soul with the book of guidance,
Re-establishing the state of my mind and soul,
Seeking grace and mercy from the only One,
Guide me, love me, and forgive all of my sins.

Thursday, 13th of May 2010


MIB said...

Describing the act of Jahiliyyah..burying young girls alive?

Bu Thyab said...

That is absolutely true. I do not quite remember the sort of situation that made me write about this act that was totally abolished when Islam spread amongst the people, but maybe due to the anger in seeing women and children murdered and discriminated against in the 21st century while false banners such as human and woman's rights float around in disguise.

I thank Allah for all of His blessings that He bestowed upon me.

MIB said...

Women's rights activists are really just making noise to allow the making of 'manly-women', if you get what I mean. That's what they call 'equality of the sexes'.

What annoys me is how MUSLIM professors try to show how Islam is 'sexist', wel3iyath Billaah. I got into a heated argument with one, because he tried to argue why we refer to Allah as 'He', when He's neither male or female. He was trying to show how it's a 'man's world', but al7mdulillah..quite a lot of girls protested against that notion. For instance..we shouldn't use the word 'MANkind' but 'Humankind', which is truly absurd.

Even though you didn't mean for it to rhyme, it actually does in certain parts.=) Keep it up, bro ^_^

Magnifique said...

Of all your poems, I liked this most! Cz I understood it without help :P
I really liked it that u brought this topic in a poem... It was well written & expressed, masha Allah!
Bettawfeej bro! & keep it up.

Bu Thyab said...

'Feminist' 'sexist' 'racist' 'anti-semitic' are terms that do not exist in the Islamic dictionary, since Allah's law is above all laws.

Thank you MIB and Magnifique, and I am glad that you enjoyed reading this poem.

Come by again =)