A Cry From Hell

Written by Candle of Hope, 17-07-2003
Website: http://candle-of-hope.com/

A cry from hell woke me up at night,
Something gripped my heart so tight,
The cry of whom which I don't know,
Piercing through my ears so painfully and slow,
I thought it was satan or some demon,
Or a person who was filled with evilness and treason,
Here again, the cry could be heard,
It shut everyone up even the humming bird,
The cry from hell seemed like a hopeless cry,
Maybe it was a demon just passing by,
The cry from hell called out my name,
At that moment I knew that it was no game,
It scared me a lot in some way,
So I wore my hijab and started to pray,
The cry from hell started to fade away,
I started to observe my sins since that day.