A Woman and a Palestinian

Looking at them through my little window,
Seeing nothing but a dead body and a widow,
I cannot cease trembling as my heart starts to decay,
My dear son is murdered and my husband is away
In my own home and still experiencing the terror,
Slaughtering innocent persons; not a mistake nor an error,
Five days passed and countries celebrate New Year,
Ignorant humans are not crying, not even a tear,
Haven't they heard of me, an innocent mother?
Or did they turn their back on me and not bother?
Everyone is requesting a ceasefire of this brutality,
But words are not actions reflecting nothing of the reality,
Occupied Palestine are destroying our pride,
Isn't there anyone to help us and stand on our side?
They plan to massacre us whilst the rest of them hide,
And who the hell are they for them to decide?!

This poem is dedicated to the innocent Palestinian families murdered by the Occupied Palestine.