A Friendly Superpower

He sensed me. Happy I was. But,
He went away to another friend,
My brain cells started to shut,
Friendship came, at last, to an end.

Next day, he sensed my aggression,
Alert he was, but no question,
Neither suggestion,
Hence, I saw his depression.

He talked to me,
As if asking for forgiveness,
Trying to calm me,
For me he was pointless.

He begged even more,
For he was shocked and scared,
I squashed his head to the floor,
Even though he wasn’t prepared.

I am not mad,
Because I and scientists are alike,
I am not bad,
Because I’m similar to the Third Reich.

He ran along the pavement,
I imprisoned him in a tower,
For he was my enslavement,
Now I become a superpower.


This is one of my first decent poems, and it describes a story about a disturbed character. This theme was introduced to me during my 9th or 10th grade in school as we were analysing and evaluating poems related to disturbed characters.