The Minds of Two

I'm stranded on an island,
That's far far away,
There's no drop of water,
Nor a cup of milk,
How can I survive,
This hardship I'm going through,
How can I revive,
The wilderness of my soul,
It's already over,
The moment I entered,
It's already too late,
Once I have deceased,
Wishing to die once more!!

I'm stranded on an island,
That's so close to me,
There's a grain of sand,
And a frequent storm,
How can I perish,
From a world full of freshness,
How can I destroy,
Such a beautiful place,
It's certainly not over,
As long as I breathe,
It's never too late,
To overcome my desires,
Wishing to be revived again!!

12th December 2008