A Fancy Painting

I have lived for all of my life without a sister,
I could have survived and went on forever,
Without any trouble, nor a single disaster,
A fate is a fate; I couldn't change a single matter,
She doesn't like poems; neither is she a speller,
But smart and cute, enthusiastic and younger,
New feelings were pouring into me, cuz of her,
Feelings of having a new person, a new sister,
I kept my distance from her at about a meter,
Maybe cuz it's my first time to sense a sister,
Not screaming and fighting against each other,
Neither pretending to be invisible, but rather,
Being next to me sharing a smile together,

We will sit on a hill at night in the winter,
Cold as it is, but we would share the heater,
Heater of my and her body embedded together,
Feeling comfort and secure will turn it into summer,
Under the shining stars we lighten forever.