A String of Hair

“Lights! Camera! Action!”
The lady in a scarlet dress
On the lonely dusty stage,
Singing a song about her man:
Me, because it had to be,
I was meant to be her knight,
The one to claim her– “Cut!”
Stupid director interrupting her,
I would never do such a thing,
Never would I cut her voice,
A melodious tone– “Makeup!”
Such an annoying sound,
But it was directed to me,
So I approached my fair lady,
Took my brush and tools,
And moved my hands,
Though it was all an act,
The director signalled us to
Go back to our positions,
She to the stage,
And I into the darkness,
But then I saw a string of
Hair that was out of place,
It is ruining her beauty,
She is so imperfect,
I need to– “Oi!”
I need to– “Stop!”
I need to–

Thursday, 16th of April 2015