A Game of Chess

If not for the moonless sky of this night's misery, the day might extend an eye to watch over a handful of thieves,
A conundrum oscillating between two distinct colours, in hope of creating a dilemma to stop the moving pendulum,
Theories develop to foresee a useless wit of the mind, only to realise the existence of a more soothing punishment,
A hand moves between crowds for a binary command, except when another retaliates by a delusional retreat,
Psychological mistreatments going back and forth, if only to acquire the wisdom of strategizing a winning blow,
Factual circumstances attracted the use of force, until the brittleness of the substance snapped into bits and pieces,
If not for the countless sacrifices of many queens, the era of kings might end under the rubbles of monstrous beings.

Thursday, 09th of April 2015