Winter Lady

I wonder if this wide land is wonderland,
Whether lovely Alice is really Alice or not,
But there she stood like a fluffy snowflake,
In the middle of this ancient ______ inn,
Royal. Elegant. Gentle. Charming. Pure.
But then she spoke of a man so far away
Who is unaware of her frozen fingertips,
And there I retreated labelled unwanted,
She then raised her voice as if singing
Melodious lonesome letters to her man,
About adorable encounters in the future,
To be carried by the winter breeze outside,
But then she walks nearby in shyness,
Confused as I was, I tried to look away,
To check the window for passers-by,
But her icicle fingers touched my neck
To whisper delicately “Happy Holidays”,
She ignited a heartbeat with passion,
And there we hugged each other,
Sharing the warmth in this _____ winter.

Thursday, 18th of December 2014