Just Let It Go

They said it was the dawn of all times,
And I followed blindly towards the light,
But soon to discover the surrounding abyss,
Unfortunate souls escaping reality,
Tragic as it may sound but a choice
Made to reflect a euphoric dream,
And as time elapsed I knew something-
Something was wrong as if hearing
The click when stepping on a mine,
There, I froze unable to go back or fro,
Caged. Soulless. Distorted. Lost.
But the time kept ticking, forever,
I needed to go back to the dream,
An addiction shutting my brain down,
As if I can survive without family,
Or friends whom I have abandoned,
Or the life which I have deserted,
Or the soul which I have betrayed,
And so I look for a mask to disguise,
To disappear from this lovely world,
To reappear in those euphoric dreams,
But I know that 'life' is a word I own,
I am blessed to have lungs that breathe,
To have a heart that regularly beats,
To have muscles that work all the time,
To have a brain that thinks logically,
To have a tongue that speaks justly,
To have eyes that drench in tears,
To have a happy life that blooms love,
And so I decided to, forever, let go!
To, forever, let go; just let it go!

Saturday, 13th of December 2014