Invading the Forgotten

I played the game ‘invaders’ as a kid,
With one battleship against the aliens,
Even in the movies they show it to us,
One versus all and the one always wins,
But as a kid, I was taught otherwise,
Few may triumph over the many,
Never one person, always in a group,
Though, this is not my story today,
I speak here and now to reveal it,
Reveal those invaders; oppressors,
The ones who wore pure white
Disguising their darkened hearts,
With red stripes dripping of blood,
Ours', but when they rule it is love,
Red is only a sign of love; grace,
And it does not stop here at all,
They create us into a class system,
Showing us the need for poverty,
How to rule citizens in oppression,
How to sell resources for money,
Replying: “not our fault this is a
Dog-eat-dog world, so play along”,
You see, what they really mean is:
Green notes gives you status, power,
For me, faith gives me status, power,
Blessing me with wisdom in my eyes,
And I will tell you what I truly saw,
Many paths, but ultimately only two,
Stairs that costs a lot with foolish taxes,
Each one step high you increase wealth,
More wealth means more control; status,
The other is a slight depressed land,
No cost but patience for the long walk,
So, what endings do those two have?
One has an edge which leads to suicide,
The other has gardens in its finish line,
Tell me, should I follow money or faith?
What do I need to amend the forgotten?

Monday, 21st of January 2013