Emotions on Paper

I have done no wrong and yet I am being treated like a criminal,
Who am I? Another person of you to recoil a bullet of pain?
You have been close to me all of my life even when I am afar,
But when I try to get near you sabotage the road as if a game,
Emotion is what I am giving you right now for you to spread,
And if you did have the courage to speak the truth and be just
Then let them hear your roar against our past and their future,
You are not them and they are but vultures scavenging on my innocence,
Are these words enough for me to convince you about who I am?
Who am I? I have talked enough, I guess, but will you ever act?
Emotions is what you sought, so here are mine to share, here!
Take them and make a sculpture out of them in your house,
Invite them to keep sucking my blood out of me like mosquitoes,
Though, I know you would not because you are a gorgeous lioness,
Who roars in her inner self against the oppressors in her cave,
So listen. Just listen. Whispers from Earth shouting symbols,
You spoke of contradictions and immediately I thought of them,
We love our grandfathers but you knew we hate them, so why?
Are you trying to prove a point or reveal a vulture’s identity?
Or sculpture me into a different being to keep me from you afar?
Treat me like you used to with that smile and that giggle,
Show me, O’ gorgeous lioness, your warm and caring nature,
Stand by my side for eternity and roar my innocence to them,
You listened and you read, and thus, write me a wonderful verse!

Sunday, 20th of January 2013