Do You Have a Gold Coin?

Is it from the human nature to cluster?
To form boundaries and flags as identity?
To house their offspring in epic suburbs?
To separate themselves from others?
Have I read a mistranslated dictionary?
Or has the meaning of 'human' changed?
What if we try to flip the coin to its tails?
Will we see another 'human' resemblance?
Or will we choose a word out of a thesaurus?
'Soul' and 'mortal' stated as a synonym?
Why have I understood it wrong then?
If mortality was part of this big equation,
Then should we not save lives instead?
Or has this coin betrayed what 'life' is?
Will this coin lead us to infinite power?
If so, then who or what everlasted?
What if this coin fell down the sewers?
What if a child picked it up and cleaned it?
Will this child be corrupted forever?
Or will this coin be cleansed from its past?
Or will another child kill him to grab it?
What are the reasons to invade a country?
What are the reasons to kill another soul?
If this child was raised to defend himself
By protecting his own land or even if this
Child went on others' lands to fend off
The risk of his only home being invaded,
Then will the coin come to corrupt his
Already-corrupted innocent young soul?
What if his response was to deny its presence,
Then would the coin leave or annihilate?
The trick question is: "who has the coin?"

Wednesday, 4th of September 2013