The Time has deceived new fleshes and one diamond,

This delicate carbon’s radioactivity burnt many fruits,
This despicable leaf regrew its stalk but soon to shatter,
Broken heart, boiled brains, blasted limbs for star’s trash,
Infamous galleries selling unwanted portraits of lazy wells,
And I have spoken to Time to rewind; to reverse; to delete,
Though, it seems a fruit welded the broken iron chains,
And its flesh has become ghastly dwelling on rotten mud,
And sounds of wisdom call for followers to retrieve it,
Except, the eminent Time has now gathered a crown.

Friday, 14th January 2011


MIB said...

Once again, STUNNING indeed, mashalla 3layyyk!(Y)

Bu Thyab said...

It is entitled 'next' because it is an update of some parts of 'Born to Roar', and at the same time it serves the same purpose as my masterpiece, i.e. roaring upon the societies to learn from the mistakes of individuals.

However, it is not the time to analyse, rather, it is time to observe patiently. This also applies to myself, of course. Even though, I can't promise, but there will be more sequels of 'Born to Roar', and a possible series.

Who knows!!