Made to Trade?

A learned speaker once told me to be direct,

I would assume he was a professor of shade,
Painting my quality through an iron object,
Or pottery of poetry within castles to be made,
So I did, hidden symbolic letters to resurrect,
Whilst my deep secret passions I so forbade,
Strangers of unknown origins eyes to suspect,
For the innocence of one’s self has decayed,
Apart from that I wrote outdoors to recollect,
Earth Whisperers hinting for a danger to evade,
For a direct poem I needed a subject to select,
Here, a couple of shiny dirhams for us to trade.

Thursday, 15th of September 2011


MIB said...

This is beyond awesomeness..you have suuuurelyy left me behind in poetry..I'm absolutely STUNNED by every post I read!:o (Y)

So, when are you getting your work published, ya sha3r?

Bu Thyab said...

hehehe... thnx for your kind words :)

en sha Allah, some day I shall get them published. I didn't expect it, but a lot of people have been encouraging me to publish it.

First, i'll need to find a publisher :P

any ideas?