When I was a child I lived on
a very large farm next to the
slums of a global city. My father
took care of the cattle, and if
something happened to an animal
it was cut off from our food. The
reason of this did not matter, and
my father was always to blame.

I migrated to your well-known
city, this city, at the age of fifteen
seeking a fair life. I did not want
my beautiful children to be blamed
for everything. Unfortunately, I
can see things here are but the
same, everything is always our
fault. That is just how the world
is, and no one will blame you for
not changing. Though, sometimes
I ask myself: "when will things
amend? When will we dare to do
things differently? When will we
learn from our previous cruel
mistakes?" That is only my
opinion. I am nothing, no one.

Tuesday, 23rd of February 2010