Poetry in my Opinion

Being in love with poetry makes you challenge others,
With, you know, words never heard before,
Or even if they were, like diamonds and gold,
They would be used in such a way to never be understood,
And the funny thing is we wait and expect compliments,
From those pompous illiterates who cannot read nor write,
This story began when I once wrote a marvellous piece of writing,
Along comes a young adult shutting me completely up,
Then he says, "What a rubbish piece of writing!"
(Excuse me! I spent seven weeks on that!)
"By the way," and, oh my, I knew exactly what he was about to say,
Changing the subject was easy,
As you would always look for his, the wacky arrogant, favourites,
And in this case jewellery, like diamonds and gold,
Though, dissimilar to my diamonds and gold,
I must say, I should have sticked to simple language,
But, the thing is, what makes a poet a poet?
Erudition, if you ask me.

Tuesday, 2nd of March 2010