As distant as the moon to this lonely earth,
Your entrance in this vast room,
And as bright as its light piercing through the windows,
Your dazzling beauty seizing my heart,
Similarities starting to stack on top of each other,
As if they were meant to form
An adorable collection of poems,
Held dear in my ancient bookshelf,
Now, the bravery enveloping this tongue
Blossoms into a butterfly to dance freely
As it slowly approaches these words
To form a song of infinite possibilities.

As you read this ode with a cute smile,
You have to know that my adore for you
Is worth more than millions of stars.

As I recite this ode without her presence,
She has to know that my adore for her
Is worth more than millions of stars,
So, I ask each one of you to send her my ode!

Sunday, 01st of February 2015