Innocence of Children

I laughed at Mee within me,
And to me it was so hilarious,
But Mee kept looking at me
In great wonder that I walked to her,
But then I stood still,
Maybe, Mee will come and play,
And there was Yuu,
A very clever teacher,
He taught me and Mee many
Wonderful things, and Yuu also
Painted big pictures of kids;
Of being young like Yuu,
And me is a very young kid,
And Yuu taught me simple words,
And Mee, too, words like Uss,
Who destroyed our school
Last year and Mee, Yuu, and I
Had to move to a different school,
Because Uss kept throwing bad
Stuff to make people disappear,
Many many innocent people,
And one day, the hope of my world
Will become the one Yuu mentioned
In the storybooks, where Mee and I
Can ride cute colourful unicorns,
And go to huge castles in the mountains,
So that all of humans can live under one
Sky – not the one Uss is living under,
But one that Mee, Yuu, and I can live!

Friday, 2nd January 2015